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Our firm, Panki Mechanism is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Lubricants, Rust Preventive Oil, Water Based Rust Preventive Oil, Domestic Rust Preventive Oil, Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Bags, Cutting Oil, Lacqotouch, Hard Film Oil, etc. Prepared from high quality ingredients in perfect composition, our products are widely praised for their effectiveness, longer shelf life and safe usage. Apart from this, we are working as a service provider and rendering remarkable solutions for Water Proofing, Structural Repair, Floor Coating, Epoxy Flooring, Injection Grouting, etc. These services projects of our company are praised for their on-time completion, flexibility and customer oriented approaches.

Business Specifications:
  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier & Service Provider
  • Year of Establishment: 1998
  • No. of Employees: 06
  • No. of Production Units: 01
Products Offered:
    • Industrial Lubricants
    • Rust Preventive Oil
    • Water Based Rust Preventive Oil
    • Domestic Rust Preventive Oil
    • Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Bags
    • Cutting Oil, Lacqotouch
    • Hard Film Oil
    • 2D Vci Plastics Bags
    • Vci Plastic Bags
    • Textile Lubricants
    • Vci Metal Barrier Bags
    • Vci Polyester Packaging Sheet
    • Vci Plastic 3D Pallet Liners
    • Vci Hdpe Paper Laminates
    • Vci Bubble Wraps
    • Greases
    • Vci Foam
    • Vci Dry Oil
    • Liquid Rust Preventive
      Services Offered:
      • Epoxy Flooring
      • Floor Coating
      • Floor Repair
      • Metal Structure Coating
      • Structural Repair
      • Injection Grouting
      • Water Proofing


      With over a decade of experience, we present ourselves as a company engaged in the manufacturing & marketing of Specialty Chemicals. Also, we illustrate some of the best specialty chemical companies to meet to your particular requirements and resolve typical problems with personalized service & attention.

      We Represent The Following Companies:
      • Magna (FE) Chemical PTE. LTD., Singapore, ( - Chemical Cleaners, Corrosion Preventives, Lubricants & Maintenance Chemicals.
      • Hi-tech International - Rust Preventives and Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors.
      • Dew Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. - Water Treatment Chemicals And Plants.
      • Hindustan Specialty Chemicals Limited - Epoxy Compounds, Adhesives and Sealants.
      Products & Services Details Are Given Below:


      Chemical Cleaners / Degreasing Compounds: Solvent based Cleaners and Special Detergents for AC Coils, Machined Components, Engine Parts, Oil Tanks, Electrical Contacts, PCBs, etc. for separation of Burnt Oil Dirt, Grease and Grime.
      Special Products: Hand Protective Gels & Waterless Hand Cleaners.

      Rust & Corrosion Removers: Environment-friendly Fumeless Rust & Corrosion Removers for Non Ferrous and Ferrous Metals, Steel Sheets, Finished Components, Sheet Metal Parts, Metal Structures & Plants. Copper, Aluminium & Brass Cleaners.
      Special Products: Maintenance Chemicals & Rust Convertor. 

      Lubricants: Special Purpose High Performance Lubricants are available as per your particular Technical Requirements.

      Paints / Coating Removers: Paints & Varnish Removers, Stickers, Labels & Adhesive Removers. Safe on all Metals, Recommended for Railways, Aeronautical, Defence & Heavy Industries.


      Rust Preventive: Anti-rust Oils, Film Forming Compounds, Penetrating Oils, Battery Terminal Protectors and Low Viscosity Oils etc.

      Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors are accessible in different forms like Paper, Foam Pads, Polythene Films, Pouches Tablets and Oils etc. They provide long-term corrosion protection without the use of oil based materials which have to be cleansed prior to usage. Precision Components, Surgical Blades, Machined Auto Parts for Export, Barrels, Guns and Defence Equipment are largely protected by VCI based products.


      Water Treatment Chemicals are widely used for the prevention of algae, scaling and corrosion in Boilers and Water Cooling Circuits like: induction furnaces, heat exchangers, engine radiators, chillers etc. Also, we provide Descaling Compounds and Effluent Treatment Chemicals along with the Services for separation of hard water scales from above equipment. 

      Cooling Water Treatment: Corrosion & Scale Preventives, RO Membrane Cleaners, Biocides and Antiscalants. Engine Coolants, Coil Cleaner, Radiator, Descalants & Passivation Chemicals, Polyelectrolyte's, Ion Exchange Resins & Activated Carbon.

      Boiler Water Treatment: Corrosion Preventives & Scale, Phosphate Conditioners, Polymeric Sludge Dispersants, Oxygen Scavangers, PH Boosters etc. for prevention of Corrosion and Scaling in boilers, and allied equipments.

      Descaling Services & Service Contracts: Descaling & Passivation of Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Radiators, Cooling Towers, Chillers and Pipelines with Inhibited Organic & Inorganic Descalants. Annual Maintenance & Supply of Cooling Water Systems. Chemical Cleaning & Degreasing of Equipments, Tanks & Pipes of Oil < Grease, Grime & Dirt.


      We present ourselves as a company involved in civil & metal structure maintenance with epoxy, EPU, polyurethane and other high-performance polymers. Our services cover epoxy flooring, floor repairs, self leveling floor coatings, injection grouting, water proofing, chemical resistant coatings and structural repairs etc.

      Solvent free epoxy systems are our foremost choice, as they are defined by highly resistance film and thick non-porous as compared to solvent including paint, which provide thin films with inbuilt porosity. Being solvent free, they give better performance as well as offer lower cost per unit film thickness, and protective covering from fire hazard & pollution.

      Epoxies are one of the toughest known polymers worldwide today. They can resist attacks by Lubricants, Oils, Alkalis, Water, Acids, Abrasion and Impacts like no other polymer. With superior bonding properties, they are appropriate for various metal and civil structure maintenance jobs. 

      Epoxy Flooring / Floor Coating / Floor Repairs: Seamless Epoxy Based Flooring is highly impact resistant & abrasion resistant in nature, Epoxy screed is set in a thickness of 3-5 mm, after preparation of surface and primer application. A dust-free pigmented self leveling coat is applied in the desirable shade after the screed has recovered, for dust free low impact applications only self leveling coating is enough. Also, we undertake repair of potholes in epoxy flooring / old cement concrete.

      Chemical Resistant Panting / Coating: Civil & Metal Structures like vessels, machines, pipelines effluent tanks and fabricated structures exposed to humid atmosphere and corrosive are coated with Epoxy / Polyurethane based coatings and paints to improve the service life of these equipments. Specific chemical resistant coating are used in and around chemical tanks, effluent treatment plants, drains & sludge pits according to the temperature, concentration and exposure conditions.

      Structural Repair, Joint Filling & Injection Grouting: Structures of concrete get damaged due to ageing, environment faulty design and restrictions of concrete in meeting severe abrasion, vibration, cavitation & erosion. We do repair with Cracks & Joint Sealants, Coating & Mortars. Also, we perform injection grouting with solvent free and low viscosity injection grouts for fixing of cracks as well as strengthening of weekend civil structures, due to construction and honeycombing errors.

      Water Proofing of RCC/ACC Rooftops: We use Epoxies, Acrylic PU, Urethanes, Silicones, Synthetic Rubber and Fiberglass based material to provide a long-lasting solution to the water seepage problem. These materials have excellent superior resistance to UV radiation. Thermal expansion, moisture, weathering and biological attack than coal tar and jute based tare felting. Cracks and J bolts are fixed with highly elastomeric material to supply durability & long service life.   

      Some of our esteemed clients include:
      • Whirl Pool
      • JCB India Ltd.
      • Xpro India Ltd.
      • GAIL
      • Indian Railway
      • L&T
      • Tecumech
      • Talbros
      • Superiseal
      • Parag
      • Elofic
      • Times Of India
      • Power Grid, Etc.... 
      We are mainly dealing in Delhi, Varanasi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jhansi, Agra, Bareilly, Aligarh, Mordabad and Meerut.
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